At Blenheim Schools we know that ‘talking the talk’ is one thing when it comes to school operations and planning. All school business models will be built on pupil recruitment and projections.

But a key part of proving your concept and strategy, and ‘walking the walk’ comes down to how successful a new school is in recruiting its initial pupil intake and then building a vibrant, growing school community of happy children and parents.

Ultimately though, we know that the biggest part of pupil recruitment is the connection made between prospective pupils and their parents and the Founding team when they meet. An international education is a premium ‘product’ and we work with our schools to ensure that the admissions journey is personal, professional and memorable.


Our marketing and admissions strategy is a dynamic mix of data driven, digitally focussed, strategy and innovative, outside of the box marketing. Each of our school’s has a different identity, a different ‘why’, a different parent community.

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