Project Delivery

Project delivery and school management

The Blenheim Schools team is capable of delivering world-class projects on time and on budget. Blenheim have a track record of successfully completing all aspects of the operational side of opening and running a wide range of different independent and international schools, both independently and with operational partners.

Blenheim Schools offer a full expert service in all operational aspects of launching and running an international school:


All aspects of project planning milestones, deadlines and scheduling.


Initial financial models through to forecasting and financial management. Financial management systems advice.


All aspects of certification and compliance for the school, including initialization and ongoing matters

Buildings and Facilities

Building design procurement, fittings and managed delivery of facilities. Transport. Planned maintenance. Catering. Uniforms.


All aspects of IT for both academic and management parts of the school including School Management Information Systems and the design and delivery of networks.



Design and approval of the operations plan. Initialization of the operations plan and ratification of the services being delivered.

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